Songbirds, Swans, Woodpeckers and such - Carolyn Hall Photography

When I made my very first adventure to Magee Marsh years back a crowd was gathered together in great excitement next to the formation of several trees. Low voices heard, fingers pointing, eyes gazing at this very delightful, very small, extremely fast moving bird that was highlighted in a morning glow of light. The rapid sound of shutters going off on camera's, the sound of words of awe and wow, and there he was perfectly perched -- my very first warbler. Surprisingly patient, motionless for a mere few seconds which is an eternity for those of us who've had the pleasure, and challenge of photographing this ever moving, never stopping magnificent bird. As he sat on the branch providing a show for all who was fortunate enough to witness this significant, and wonderful creature I realized why so many have marveled with delight when they speak of the warbler. Brilliantly colored, aerodynamic masters of the sky with a keen since of direction, and survival these birds continue to bring a sense of appreciation of the avian species, and of nature that always amazes us.

Bay Breasted Warbler sits high above allBay Breasted Warbler at Magee MarshBay Breasted along lake erieWarbler along the shoreline