Behind the lens and with nature -- my own story - Carolyn Hall Photography


I am a freelance photographer. I specialize in wildlife, landscape, cityscapes, night time, documentary, and macro photography. I grew up in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, and now live in Ohio where I spend much of my time indulging in my passion for photography.  As a child, I was always mystified by wildlife and varying landscapes. I have always been a visual person, and look at life as a series of snapshots that tell a story. Some photo’s offer beauty, mystery, and some offer heartbreak. From my early teens, I had taken to the camera like a bee on honey, and that love of photography has intensified into my adulthood. Over the years, I travelled out west to Arizona photographing beautiful desert scenes. I took up residence at the Great Smokey Mountains showcasing the power, but yet beauty of the Black Bear. I captured the rolling hills of the Appalachians, and travelled throughout the Midwest, and southern states. Photography is who I am. It helps define me. Every time I go out to shoot its a journey of what I may discover, and the elements I endure in attempting to capture something magical and magnificent that tells a story that you want to know.  It allows me to reach down into my true inner self and for that time indulges in the creative freedom I desperately seek.  

I hope you enjoy my images!  

Have an awesome day!